About Us

TruthNigeria.com is a project of Equipping the Persecuted, a humanitarian-aid nonprofit chartered in Sioux City, Iowa since 2019.

The founder of Truth Nigeria is filmmaker and evangelist Judd Saul, who received a calling to respond to the human suffering of persecuted Nigerian Christians after a visit to Nigeria in 2011.

All staff and volunteers at Truth Nigeria are called to expose the avoidable loss of life in that country through every possible electronic media. But Truth Nigeria also pledges itself to heal the wounds of war among the greatly gifted and blessed people of the Niger basin and to advance the Great Commission. Truth Nigeria had to be launched to slice through the fog of war and the cloud of false narrative that bedevils mainstream media reporting of what many call a “Christian genocide” in Nigeria that has been spreading like a cancer.

We at Truth Nigeria will support the existing efforts of patriotic Nigerians to hold criminals in government and elsewhere accountable for crime, abuse of power and misuse of public assets. We uphold the natural right of all people in Africa to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, rule of law and access to just paths to prosperity. There are 218 million stories to be told in Nigeria, and we stand confidant that the Nigerian people have the same aspirations, the same respect for truth, beaty and goodness as the people of all nations. Where there are possible bridges between the United States and Nigeria, we will build them. The common humanity between the two countries will be explored and celebrated.

The reporters and producers at TruthNigeria include award winning journalists such as Douglas Burton, Masara Kim and Beloved John. Reporters across Nigeria are being recruited and trained.

Mission Statement

Truth Nigeria will report with fearless honesty the grim, tragic side of Nigeria’s struggle with corruption and crime but will exalt the soaring spiritual aspiration of Nigerian believers and the common path of Nigerians and Americans to a date with destiny.

Editorial Staff:

Executive Editor and Publisher
Judd Saul, Sioux City, Iowa

Managing Editor:
Douglas Burton, Washington, D.C.

Senior Editor:
Masara Usman Kim, Jos

Justine, John Dyikuk, Jos
Lawrence Zongo, Miango
Beloved John, Birnin Kebbi
Omolola Rosaline Pedro, Oyo
Ezinwanne Onwuka, Enugu, Enugu State

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