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Correspondent Lara Logan Blasts Pastors for Hiding their Faith

Lara Logan praises Truth Nigeria reporters

By Douglas Burton

“Why are Christians being persecuted in America?  Because Church leaders and pastors aren’t speaking out about it,” correspondent and media personality Lara Logan told  a group of 400 conferees of the CEO Summit at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia on Oct. 11.  Logan’s challenging words surprised some in the audience of students and Evangelical activists who pride themselves on standing up for their faith and at the university founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr., founder of the Moral Majority organization.

Logan is known to political conservatives as the award-winning correspondent for CBS News, and for two years a star talent at Fox News. She produced a pathbreaking documentary about the Christian genocide in Nigeria streamed on Fox Nation from the Fall of 2021.  Logan publicly recognized Lawrence Zongo and Masara Kim, her reporters in Nigeria who enabled her to do the Fox Nation documentary and who currently contribute to TruthNigeria.

Throughout her remarks, often in style of an exhortation, Logan repeatedly referenced Psalm 118: 6 “Have no fear.”

“This country was founded as a Christian country, wasn’t it?  Then why do you not stand up for that?” She asked. “This is a Christian university. Where is your voice? Where is your voice?” She repeated for emphasis.

Logan referred to the reported fact that the FBI had investigated conservative Catholics for suspected domestic terrorism.

“Why are Christians being targeted today? Because Christians believe in creation. That isn’t allowed anymore. Now, if you believe in a higher power, you’re a threat. Today the United States has a month for everything. Do we have month for faith?  The Obama Administration was the first to say that Christians were not to be aided as a persecuted minority.”

“Yet, there is an actual genocide happening on your watch,” Logan continued,  It’s happening in Nigeria, where a hundred thousand Christians have been murdered.   The same people who flew those aircrafts into the Twin Towers on 911, just a couple of days before, their fellow terrorists attacked a Christian town known as the Watchtower south of Jos, killing hundreds and burning all the houses. How many Christian residents returned to that town, now called Mahanga?  That’s right, zero. Are we going to wait 20 years and put up a monument after all of it happened?”

“Yet, Christians today are ashamed to stand up for their faith. If there is one thing I could leave you with, it’s this: These days when people stand up for their faith, they are volunteering for execution.  Do you want your priests to speak up for you? Where are you standing? Christians have forgotten that our Faith is  a work-space faith. It means we don’t shove it down other people’s throats, but you don’t hide it, either.

The crowd included dozens of Africa-based entrepreneurs and  business owners who had come to Liberty University’s venture capital conferences to find business partners with like-minded values as well as faith. Logan referred to her South African roots in the speech to praise the resilience of African people and as a resource for Christians in the developed world. “I have witnessed in Africa how people experience joy that you can’t find anywhere else,” she said.

Despite the critical tone of her speech, the audience gave her a standing ovation. One Nigerian visitor who attended the conference for the first time told TruthNigeria he was going back to Nigeria with a mission. “Here was a woman who never visited my country but who spoke with such passion and exquisite knowledge of our problem. Yet, I myself had been lukewarm about raising my voice for the persecuted. But no more! When I get back I will organize a group of allies who can raise awareness of the genocide passing by on our watch.”

Douglas Burton is an award winning conflict reporter and the managing editor of



  1. The colonization was wrong mixing large number of Muslim with Christian and now pastors failed their duties as to rescue Nigerian. O pity Nigeria

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