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Pastor speaks about losing 7 family members, home in Christmas Eve attack

Rev. Yakubu Mutong: ‘This is my house, I lost everything in addition to seven members of my family’

Quick Transcript: So I am Reverend Yakubu Mutong, I am a pastor for the Church of Christ in Nations, but this is my village, this is Mayenga.

Mayenga is in Boko’s local government plateau state of Nigeria. What really happened here is not only in this village that we’re affected by this crisis, we’re affected by more than 11 villages, which Mayenga happens to be one. And in these villages, it is the same method of attack that was conducted, is the killing, the maiming of people, slaughtering them, and burning of their houses and their foodstuffs and properties. 

So, by now, by the record we have already collected, we have over 150 people that are killed in one day, that is on the 24th of December.

That is, the Christmas was just not a Christmas to us,  like to celebrate, it was a mourning Christmas because of what happened to us.

As you could see, I’m standing here, this is my house in my village, and I lost everything that was in the house, bought foodstuffs, clothing, and whatever. It was a furnished house, but it is burnt, and even the church that is by my side was burnt, and the pastorium is burnt. Everything about us here in this village is confused, as you could see that everything is destroyed, but we thank God that some of us are alive. And at the cost of this, like me now, I lost seven of my brothers at the cost of this crisis that happened. Thank you.



  1. Hello:
    I’m from the United States of America. I’m trying to understand the entire situation in Nigeria. Is the Government of Nigeria taking any action to push terrorist out of Nigeria permanentley? Or, do they just respond to attacks after the fact?

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