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UPDATE: Assemblyman calls for investigation into alleged extrajudicial killings


Statement of Assemblyman Dewan K. Gabriel to TruthNigeria July 13, 2023

I, HON DEWAN K GABRIEL,  the minority Whip of the Plateau State House of Assembly, urgently call for a thorough and impartial investigation into the alleged human rights violations committed by the Nigerian military in central Plateau State. The recent reported murder of three self-defense volunteers, who were shot while courageously protecting Christian villages from terrorists, has raised serious concerns about the conduct of the military in this region.

According to the military’s claim, the three individuals killed in Mangu county on 12 July were members of a terror group responsible for the deaths of over 200 Christians in the county since 16 May. While we acknowledge the importance of addressing security threats and maintaining peace, it is crucial that any actions taken by the military adhere to international human rights standards and principles.

Given the gravity of the situation and the potential violation of human rights, we strongly advocate for an immediate and independent probe into these incidents. The investigation should aim to establish the facts surrounding the killings and determine whether the military’s response was proportionate and in line with legal and ethical standards.

Moreover, the probe must ensure transparency and include the active participation of impartial international observers, human rights organizations, and relevant stakeholders. This is essential to instill confidence in the investigation process and to guarantee accountability for any potential wrongdoing.

Furthermore, we call upon the Nigerian government to fully cooperate with the investigation, providing unrestricted access to affected areas and all relevant information and documentation. The government has a responsibility to uphold the rights of its citizens and to demonstrate its commitment to justice and the rule of law.

In conclusion, the reported human rights violations in central Plateau State demand urgent attention. By conducting a thorough and independent investigation, we can ascertain the truth, hold accountable those responsible for any wrongdoing, and work towards a just and peaceful resolution. It is imperative that the rights and safety of all individuals, regardless of their religious or ethnic background, are protected, and that those who defend their communities are respected and supported.

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