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Mass Shootings Strike Communities 20 Miles South of Jos, Nigeria

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Updated: Several residents are feared dead in mass terrorists shootings currently ongoing 20miles south of Jos city in central Nigeria, TruthNigeria has gathered.

Attacks began around 1:40am local time in the village of Batin, located in the Heipang district in Barkin Ladi County and have continued, causing chaos and distress according to a youth leader in Jos, Solomon Dalyop.

“Batin village in the Pwomol community of Heipang is currently under invasion,” Dalyop told Truth Nigeria. “There are casualties, but figure not yet ascertained,” said Dalyop in text messages to TruthNigeria.

TruthNigeria had earlier issued an advance warning of this attack credited to militants identifying as members of the Fulani ethnicity.

The Fulani, a predominantly Muslim group has among its over 10million members in Nigeria Islamic extremist groups which have been blamed for thousands of genocidal massacres in the country.

Fulani attacks have claimed more than 350 residents in Plateau State since 16 May according to media reports. The latest ongoing attacks come just three days after soldiers opened fire at a group of women protesting an attack that killed four residents near a military base in the Mangu county on 6 August.

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