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Nigerian Journalist Threatened with Mob Execution for Blasphemy

Kaduna Journalists Union Fingers Him for Blasphemy

By Truth Nigeria Staff

A Nigerian Christian Journalist in Kaduna City has gone into hiding after fellow journalists have accused him of blaspheming the prophet on a WhatsApp media channel, TruthNigeria can report exclusively. Daybreak News reporter Gabriel Idibia simply posted a video by a Christian convert who denounces claims in the Koran, but that doesn’t excuse him in the eyes of Muslim colleagues in Plateau State. A perceived slur on WhatsApp sparked a mob that brutally murdered Christian college student Deborah Emmanuel in Sokoto on May 12, 2022. 

The late Deborah Emanuel
The late Deborah Emanuel

Trouble started for Mr. Gabriel Idibia following arguments among Kaduna Journalists on a shared Platform on WHATSAPP linked to the Israeli Palestinian crisis that began  October 7, 2023 .The Idibia posted no original content but inserted a viral  video titled: “Son of Hamas Exposed Muhammad.”

In the video, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of one of a Hamas leader was heard condemning violence perpetuated by Hamas and other Islamist groups.

Shortly afterwards, some Muslim Journalists  started condemning Idibia, and some demanded  a stiff penalty.

Top among the accusers of Mr. Idibia is Adamu Yusuf, former Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists,( NUJ). The union is an established body that is meant to protect the rights and welfare of journalists in the country .

Yusuf wrote:

“Sharing this by Gabriel Idibia in this platform is a serious blasphemy against our Prophet Muhammad SAW. Not only apology, Idibia be removed from the platform immediately please.:

User by the handle of “Habib” posted:

This is blasphemous against the personality of Prophet Muhammad. It’s a hate speech in the highest order, sharing something like this is beyond an act of journalism, it’s an act of terrorism, bigotry and hatred. Not only because the speech is a total slander but, the person who shared it (Mr. Idibia) is committing a serious offensive act against the religion of Islam and Muslims.

As such, I am calling on Mr. Idibia to immediately withdraw this item from this platform and tender apology without any hesitation!

Journalist Ismail Abubakar Kankara reinforced the threat of blasphemy against prophet Muhammad of Islam:

“I believe Idibia has read reactions from many Muslim faithful in this platform, hence, he should understand that their bottom that cannot be press or red lines that cannot be crossed.”

Kankara insisted that apology would not be accepted.

” We can’t tolerate such, not only apology is demanded but action must be taken against him as a penalty.”

Asmau Yawo Halilu, the incumbent of the Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists, Kaduna, called for caution while apologizing on behalf of Idibia.

“Please let’s all calm down. I understand why we’re all angry. But like someone said, perhaps he doesn’t understand the implication. I urge that no one shares this outside this platform due to the sensitivity of the issue. I’m sure the leadership will take action on Idibia.


Speaking to TruthNigeria, Idiba said he had been threatened by several people who learned of the controversy on the social media platform and kept threatening him. Some told him: “ you will pay for your actions.”

” I did not write anything against Islam nor it’s prophet, I just posted what has been in the video that was there for a long time, Idibia told TruthNigeria, adding: “I have been insulted and traumatized and I have blackmailed.”

Deborah Emmanuel, a 21-year-old Christian student at the teachers’ college Sokoto State was beaten to pulp and her body burned to ashes when she was accused of blasphemy against prophet Muhammad in a WhatsApp group chat. The first story with her true name, “Emmanuel”, not Samuel, was first reported by Douglas Burton in the Epoch Times. Burton currently serves as managing editor of TruthNigeria.

Deborah Emmanuel was murdered by some of her fellow students at the College of Education accused her based on what they considered her blasphemous audio files in the school WhatsApp group .

Emmanuel’s murderers have not been convicted or arrested by the authority despite the fact the faces of one of them was shown on the Television .

Arrested Last Month by Muslim Pilgrims’ Welfare Agency,

On September 26, 2023,  Idibia was arrested by the Nigerian Police Force following an allegation Yusuf Yakubu, the Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Agency.

Speaking to TruthNigeria, Idibia explained that his arrest and detention was in connection with an investigative news report on the poor condition of Mando hajj camp in relation to the 2023 hajj exercise, which he reported September 24, 2023 in Daybreak newspapers online based in Abuja.

Gabriel had reported with video evidence that the Mando hajj camp was overcrowded with population of men and women found sleeping together under the same tent while awaiting airlifting during 2023 hall exercise, describing it as un-islamic.

He further explained that the Executive Secretary expressed that he was offended by the report and told the Police that that as a Christian, the journalist  had desecrated a Muslim Holy ground by visiting the Haj Camp and writing reports capable of causing commotion between Christians and Muslims in the State

Flees Kaduna State.

As of the time of writing this piece, Idibia has fled Kaduna State to an unknown destination stating that,

” I am being step up and my safety cannot be guaranteed in the state.”


Douglas Burton contributed to this story reported by TruthNigeria reporters.

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