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Stand with Nigerians in Harm’s Way: An Evening of Prayer for Nigerians Facing Genocide

American Ally in Africa Faces Crisis of Violence, yet prayer across ethnic and religious lines in America will point to solutions.

GREENBELT, MD, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2023 / — Pastors and humanitarians with a heart for Nigeria are converging on Hyattsville, Maryland Saturday, Dec. 9 at from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. to pray for guidance to American lawmakers, Nigerian diaspora and concerned citizens regarding tragic loss of life in Nigeria. They will gather at Faith Clinic Church International, [FCCI] 8470B Ardwick Ardmore Road in Hyattsville, Maryland, 20785. The public is invited to attend.

Bishop John and Rev. Estella Pedro have called the gathering for prayer and consciousness raising, because the thriving congregation in Hyattsville recognizes that dark clouds are gathering back home in Lagos, Ibadan and Jos. Bishop Pedro emphasizes deep study of Scripture as well as application in the world of action. How should the church deal with the fact that out of every 10 persons in the world who are killed for their faith, 9 are Nigerians? As Americans from Nigeria and other African countries, the worshippers at FCCI need to know the facts.

The subject experts are coming from Abuja, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Sioux City, Iowa and the Washington, D.C. metro area, and the story they will tell will provoke listeners to pray deeply for courage, compassion and imagination.

Nigeria is on the brink of collapse as a democratic ally of the United States, according to Mr. Judd Saul, a film maker and humanitarian NGO founder from Iowa. Saul administers the Christian mission called “Equipping the Persecuted” in Abuja and who recently founded the conflict news site of Mr. Douglas Burton, managing editor of TruthNigeria will give the latest news from war zones in Nigeria’s Middle Belt.

Mr. Stephen Enada, a refugee from violence in his native state of Benue in Nigeria and who today serves as associate pastor of a Baptist congregation, will give the good news about how religious freedom activists finally are getting the ear of the U.S. Congress. Enada is the co-founder of The International Committee on Nigeria along with his friend, Rev. Kyle Abts of Milwaukee.

Abts will tell about ICON’s findings regarding the extent of the religious-based killings over the last 10 years and what could happen in the next 12 months.

Special guest Elizabeth Duille of Abuja will report on a brand new Job-training Humanitarian effort that helps widows of war start their own businesses. The need is vast: as many as 5 million citizens are suffering in squalid Internally Displaced Persons Camps, most of them women and small children. The new NGO, called Caf-Care is supported by ICON, and promises to be a game changer for the kids. Ms. Alheri Magaji, the director of a trauma counseling NGO in Kaduna City, will express in a video the spreading of gender-based violence and the consequential efforts to put survivors of kidnapping for ransom onto a path toward healing and wholeness.

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