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ISIS Film Announces Cameroon Massacre as Vengeance for Gaza Deaths

Terrorist Kingpin in Cameroon Cited in Confidential Memo Reviewing Events of Black Christmas Mass Attacks

By Douglas Burton

A propaganda video produced by the Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP)  illustrates a bloody massacre of unarmed families in northern Cameroon, claiming the atrocity was on Jan. 1, 2024, in retaliation for Muslim lives lost in Gaza, TruthNigeria has learned.      The two-minute video bears the stamp of AMAQ, the ISIS news agency and proclaims the atrocity as vengeance against Israel for taking the lives of Palestinians in the Gaza War.

The narrators of the video are dressed in camouflage and turbans and speak in both Fulfulde, the language of the Fulani ethnicity and Hausa, the dominant language of Northern Nigeria.  TruthNigeria is reporting the Arabic subscript on the video.

“We descended on Bargaram community in Maroua city on Monday, January 1 in North Cameroon.  [Maroua is a town in northern Cameroon 180 miles south of   N’Djamena [the capital of Chad] and approximately 80 miles east of the city of Maiduguri, capital of the Nigerian state of Borno.

“Oh, Mujahideen, who gave your lives to God,” says the narrator.  “Be prepared to take revenge for our Muslim brothers because of Jews and Christians!.  You cannot live in happiness while your brothers are insulted. That can’t be while you are still alive, and this is what your brothers expect of you.

 “This is our message to the Jews and the Christians that we avenge our Muslims in Palestine.

Above: Multinational force patrols the waters of Lake Chad during sweep of Islamic State of West Africa shelters in 2021. Boko Haram insurgents and the Islamic State of West Africa have lived in the ungoverned fringes of the Lake since 2009. The Operations includes military from the nations with boundaries on Lake Chad: Nigeria, Cameroun and Chad. Credit the Army of Chad.

“We will raid you, night and day in your houses like we have done with these people. This is only a small portion of what we intend to do. This is our strong intention because God ordered us to do this. Quotes, Quran ‘Fight all the infidels!

“God willing, we will take our revenge on you as you see we did here. To all the enemies of God, we tell you God will not forget the blood you shed in Palestine. That’s not acceptable and we will take revenge and the coming. Revenge will be worse.” The Arabic transcript was translated by Mr. Ali Sada, the creator of the once influential daily news digest of Arabic news related to ISIS known as Daesh Daily.

Translation of audio narration

“This is a message for the Christians and Jews,” say the  narrators who speak Fulfulde and then Hausa. The narration was translated by Rev. Samaila Musa, a Protestant pastor in Jos who is currently in the United Kingdom.

“We are going to revenge the lives of ours brothers who are being killed in Palestine and in other places.

“By the Grace of Allah, there will be no night and no day, [this is our only goal] we will follow them to their homes and shed their blood just as we shed the blood of these ones [victims on camera].

“This is just a little of what is to come.

Citizen guards manned this post in Mangu County during July of 2023 to fend off Fulanic terrorist attacks. Photo by Masara Kim for TruthNigeria. 

“This is one of the things we have put in our hearts.

“Whenever we sleep, whenever we wake up, it will always be there.  Because it is God that gave us the instructions to do this.

“Fight the Unbelievers.  It is God who gives us the power to fight the Unbelievers.   Therefore, day and night are one [we don’t rest until we achieve this goal]  we are going to take revenge on the infidels just as God gives us the permission to do so.

Chanting Allahu Akbar [God is Great!]

“Message to the haters of Allah.  We are telling you, and we want you to know, that the blood of our brothers, the Muslims, that you shed in Palestine, we are not going to let it go, but we are going to take our revenge. “

“This is just the beginning, wait and see what happens next.   You are about to see what you never expected.”

Top Secret Terrorist Memo Reports Ammunition Supply from Cameroon

TruthNigeria analysts have obtained a memo purporting to be an “an after-action” report by Fulani terrorist leadership at an undisclosed location in Barkin Ladi County of Plateau State dated Dec. 26.  The Memo in English is unsigned and has the header: “Top Secret” The title of the memo is “The Final Agenda.”

“The final agenda for the seizure of land and power from the infidels of the state of Al- Hasbah [“The Accountability”] from 24/12/2023 to 10/01/2024…

The memo reviews the force structure assigned to attack 22 communities in Bokkos County on Dec. 24 and reports that 22 units of 55 soldiers each were assigned to these targets.

The memo writer laments that the mass attacks during Christmas failed to fulfill expectations. “We are all here today to express our dismay at the ineffective display of shame shown by our fighters in the fields on Dec. 24 and 25, 2023 who killed only a few. It’s a shame because of the huge amount of money committed and the high numerical strength of our soldiers. How can we deploy 22 units of 55 fighters to target 22 settlements in Bokkos without any effect? How can we justify the killing of a few lost people?” the leader asks.

The author of the memo appears to attempt to raise morale of the hearers with this phrase: “ Good news, good news, good news!

“A day has been set 29-12/2024 for the general and final liquidation and land seizure,” the narrator continues. “On the night of 28-12-2023 we received 120,000 ammunition, 50,000 special bullets, 100 war heads from the Cameroon under the protection of our men from the circle of the security and the war will start on 29-12/2023 in all places. And we must remember that our goals and values remain the same.”

The top secret memo has been authenticated by some sources within Nigeria’s Interior Ministry who spoke on background.

Douglas Burton is an award-winning conflict reporter in Washington, D.C. and the managing editor of

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