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One Killed As Herders Attack Community in South East Nigeria

Armed herders, on Sunday, attacked Agu-Amede village in Isi-Uzo county of Enugu State, killing one person. The killer herders also set a house on fire.

A community leader, Ephraim Ogbo, who confirmed the attack to local media on Monday, said the farming community has been at the mercy of Fulani herders for over a year.

The unprovoked attacks, said Ogbo, go on for hours without the military who are stationed a few blocks away coming to the aid of defenceless residents.

He said the locals reported Saturday’s attack to the security agencies hours before the herders struck, but they paid a deaf ear.

“Our people provided timely information to both the military and police. The soldiers only told us that they were on patrol and they didn’t come. What we don’t know is whether the soldiers are here to protect the bandits?” he queried.

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Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.

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