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President Tinubu: “We Must Treat Kidnappers as Terrorists”

In a bold and decisive statement, President Tinubu has called for a stringent crackdown on kidnapping, advocating for the classification of kidnappers as terrorists.

Addressing members of the federal judiciary on Tuesday, President Tinubu emphasized the urgency of tackling the escalating threat posed by kidnappers, whose actions have inflicted fear and anguish across communities.

Proposing a strategy to combat the scourge of kidnapping, President Tinubu said the country would no longer tolerate it as a mere criminal activity but recognize it for what it truly is – an act of terrorism.

“We must treat kidnappers as terrorists. They are cowardly. They have been degraded. They look for soft targets. They go to schools, kidnap children and cause disaffection. We must treat them equally as terrorists in order to get rid of them,” the President said.

The president’s remarks come in the wake of several high-profile kidnappings and ransom demands that have plagued the nation in recent months, highlighting the growing menace of the crime. Families have been torn apart, while citizens are left living in constant fear of abduction.

Tinubu affirmed his resolute stance on tackling this pressing issue. “I promise you we will get rid of them,” he assured.

Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.

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