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Nigerian Chess Master Plays 60-Hour Marathon for Charity

Nigerian chess champion, Tunde Onakoya, played chess non-stop for 60 hours in Times Square, New York, aiming to break the Guinness World Record (current record: 56 hours).  His goal wasn’t just the record, but to raise US $1 million for his charity, Chess in Slums Africa, which supports children’s education.

The record-breaking attempt began on April 17th and Onakoya faced opponents for 60 hours straight without losing a single game, battling fatigue and stomach discomfort. He initially aimed for 58 hours but pushed further.

The marathon ended in the early hours of Saturday, April 20th although official confirmation by Guinness World Records is awaited. The feat has garnered significant media attention and boosted his fundraising efforts.

Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.

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