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Terrorists Demand Compensation from Communities after Military Clashes in Zamfara

In a bizarre turn of events, five communities in Zamfara State reportedly have received letters from armed groups demanding compensation levies following recent clashes with the Nigerian military. The Nigerian Air Force and the respected security reporter, Zagazola Makama, have referred to the group as “bandits,” but TruthNigeria designates them as “terrorists” because the group has taken upon itself the authority to tax, not only in “rents” demanded of farmers but to demand punitive damages as a result of Air Force Attacks. According to legal experts consulted by TruthNigeria the term, “bandits” is “inappropriate because it denotes a less organized group without an ideological motive.”

This news comes amidst ongoing military operations against crime gangs in the region.  Last week, the Nigerian Air Force launched airstrikes targeting suspected gang hideouts in Maru and Zurmi counties, reportedly inflicting heavy casualties on the militants.

According to Zagazola Makama, a counter-insurgency expert with a focus on the Lake Chad region, “The bandits went to Agama Lafiya, Tsallen Kwado, Bamma, Kuka Biyu and Baga villages and asked them to pay them for the recent losses they suffered from the troops of Operation Hadarin Daji before they enjoyed any level of peace.”

Security sources revealed that letters demanding compensation for “loss of life and property” during the military operations were delivered to the community leaders of affected villages. The letters reportedly warn of dire consequences if the demands are not met.

Zagazola Makama did not say the type of compensation being demanded by the terrorists, whether money or food items. This demand has sparked outrage and fear among residents of the affected communities. The Nigerian military has not yet officially commented on the report.

Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.

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