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Bandits’ Rampage Leaves 30 Dead, Including Islamic Scholar

Zamfara State is reeling after a horrific attack by bandits on Thursday. The brutality unfolded across two separate farming communities, leaving at least 30 people dead, including a respected Islamic scholar.

The first assault struck Gidangoga village in Maradun county (Local Government Area). Here, bandits targeted farmers working their land in preparation for the planting season. Among the victims was Mallam Makwashi Maradun Mai Jan Baki, a revered Islamic scholar known for leading Ramadan Quran recitations. The attack tragically resulted in the disappearance of two of his children.

As darkness fell, another group of bandits descended upon Bilbis village in Tsafe county. Local sources report that these attackers showed no mercy, killing 20 innocent civilians who were simply clearing their fields. 

This eruption of violence has sent shockwaves through Zamfara, a state already grappling with a long-standing banditry problem. Residents have endured kidnappings, violence, and forced displacement for far too long. Federal and State authorities have yet to publicly address the specifics of the attacks or announce any arrests.

—Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.



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