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Minimum Monthly Wage Talks in Nigeria Stalls as Workers Cry “Insufficient!”

Nigeria’s minimum monthly wage negotiations exploded on Wednesday, with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) walking out in protest. The sticking point? The government’s proposed increase to N48,000 (US$31), which the NLC branded an “insult” for Nigerian workers.

The NLC, representing millions of Nigerian workers, had countered with a much higher proposal of N615,500 (US$405.6), citing the country’s soaring cost of living. The government’s offer, according to NLC President Joe Ajaero, is woefully inadequate to meet the basic needs of Nigerian workers.

“The government’s proposal of a paltry N48,000 as the minimum wage does not only insult the sensibilities of Nigerian workers but also falls significantly short of meeting our needs and aspirations,” he said. Ajaero further criticized the government for failing to present data to justify their proposed wage.

The deadlock leaves Nigerian workers in a precarious position. The current minimum wage of N30,000 (US$19), established in 2019, has been eroded by inflation. With the cost of food, transportation, and housing spiraling upwards, many workers are already struggling to make ends meet.

The NLC has issued an ultimatum – a more acceptable offer by the end of May. The government’s failure to do so could trigger a crippling work stoppage. The government has yet to respond to the NLC’s walkout. They face immense pressure to find a solution that balances the needs of workers with the country’s fiscal constraints.

—Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.

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