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Nigerian Journalist Faces Chilling Ordeal After Interview Request with Religious Police

A Nigerian journalist, Jamil Mabai, has shared a disturbing experience with the Katsina State’s Hisbah Board. Mabai alleges he was detained and threatened after seeking an interview to clarify details surrounding a resident’s death at a wedding disrupted by Hisbah officials.

Hisbah is a religious police force in Nigeria’s northern states whose core duty is to enforce the Islamic Sharia law within the community.

According to Mabai, a wedding ceremony in Katsina came under fire from Hisbah operatives due to the presence of a disc jockey. He further claims the disruption resulted in a tragic death. Seeking a clearer picture of the events, Mabai contacted the Hisbah authorities for an interview.

However, upon arrival at the Hisbah office, Mabai’s attempt to gather information took a sharp turn. He describes being lured into a corner and detained, with his phone confiscated. Explanations about being a journalist seeking an interview reportedly fell on deaf ears.

“Despite explaining that I was a journalist there for an interview, they insisted that they had orders to detain me and confiscated my phone. I thereafter was herded into a cell,” Mabai recounted.

The situation became even more alarming when Mabai faced the Commandant. The Commandant accused him of fighting against religion and God, even threatening Mabai to stop investigating the incident or face consequences.

The Hisbah Board has yet to address the accusations. This incident underscores the ongoing friction between journalists and certain authorities in Nigeria, where reporting on sensitive issues can lead to intimidation and harassment.

—Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.

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