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Nigerians Face Difficult Choice: Bite the Bullet on Electricity Bills or Face Darkness

Nigerians are facing a tough decision as the government threatens a complete blackout if a proposed increase in electricity tariffs is not accepted. The Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, warned that without the hike, the country’s power grid could collapse within the next three months, leading to a total blackout.

“The entire sector will be grounded if we don’t increase the tariff. With what we have now in the next three months, the entire country will be in darkness if we don’t increase tariffs,” Adelabu said on Monday when he appeared before the country’s Senate Committee on Power to defend the tariff hike.

This ultimatum has sparked anger and frustration among Nigerians. Many already struggle to afford current electricity bills, and an increase would put further strain on household budgets. Social media has been flooded with criticism of the government’s approach, with some citizens questioning why they must choose between higher bills and no electricity at all.

Adelabu argues that the tariff increase is necessary to improve the power sector. He said the additional revenue will be used to invest in infrastructure upgrades, maintenance, and gas purchases. The Minister claims these investments are crucial for ensuring a more stable and reliable electricity supply in the long run.

Meanwhile,  Nigeria’s House of Representatives wants the implementation of the electricity tariff hike to be halted.

Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.

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