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Zamfara Denounces ‘Peace Accord’ with Terrorists

The Zamfara State Government threw a wrench into federal peace efforts over the weekend, declaring a proposed move to strike a peace deal with bandit groups “illegal.”

Mannir Mu’azu Haidara, the State Commissioner of Information and Culture, in a fiery statement, denounced the deal as a betrayal of Zamfara residents who have suffered immensely from bandit attacks. He said the Zamfara State Government is not party to it and is not supporting the move.

Zamfara has been one of the states worst hit by bandit attacks in recent years, with hundreds of lives lost and communities displaced. Federal authorities are experimenting with various measures to bring the terrorists to their knees, including dialogue. But Zamfara State says the step by the central government frustrates the efforts of Governor Dauda Lawal in fighting banditry in the State.

The reasons behind Zamfara’s rejection remain unclear, but it is speculated that the State Government might have reservations about the accord’s terms or lack of faith in the bandits’ commitment to peace. Zamfara’s stance reflects a growing public sentiment against negotiating with terror groups, and other affected states might adopt a similar hard-line approach, pressuring the federal government to reconsider its negotiation strategy.

—Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.



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