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Perjurer’s Progress: Path to Office only in Nigeria

President Bola Tinubu must resign

By  Emmanuel Ogebe

News reports indicate that in the court-ordered sworn testimony of Chicago State University (CSU) officials Sept. 3, CSU denied knowledge or production of the certificate tendered by Bola Tinubu to the Independent Nigerian Election Commission (INEC).  This was expected.

This was no surprise because Tinubu’s serial criminality and fraud is well documented even against himself and by himself. The only issue here was whether CSU officials would risk going to jail and further tarnishing their image by defending the indefensible. They chose the rule of law and reputation over Tinubu.

At this point, Tinubu and Nigerians must ask the same of themselves. Will they choose the rule of law and redemption of their reputation, or will Nigeria be sacrificed on the altar of ambition of a perennial fraud who has been confirmed on oath to be an “international cheat cheat” (ICC) – to paraphrase the late musician activist Fela?

On Oct 3, ex-US President Donald Trump was in court for lying on his business applications by falsifying his financial status to secure loans. That same day, Hunter Biden, U.S. President Biden’s son, was in court for lying on a gun application about his drug use to obtain a license. That same day, Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu was in office despite lying on his election application to secure the presidency as attested to in a U.S. court deposition.  Yesterday the President’s Foreign Minister, Yusuf Maitama Tuggar, took a dismissive pose: “Nigerians should show more concern about the prevailing economic travails rather than waste time “about some certificate; whether there is a ‘T’ missing or an ‘i’ hasn’t been dotted.”

Only in Nigeria is fraud a path to office instead of a bar to office!

This is beyond an international embarrassment  — it is the global certification of Nigeria as the capital of criminality and fatherland of fraud.  In late September, international corporations were rejecting letters of credit from Nigerian businesses in the days leading up to exposure of the president as a fraudster.

This is also a slap on the face of law enforcement and intelligence agencies in Nigeria that a U.S. court in two months uncovered what Nigeria’s intelligence agencies combined could not do in 24 years. Nigeria does not have “law enforcement” agencies.  It has “farce enforcement” agencies that force the farce of false nationhood on the victim inhabitants of a so-called country.

Tinubu must resign as his position is no longer tenable. Beside the ruination abroad, his man-woman identification at home spells irreversible humiliation.

He is now a symbol of illegitimacy and iniquity who has institutionalized forgery – from presenting  forged certificates to INEC to causing INEC to present blank papers, inexplicable photos of women in bathrooms, etc., as his presidential election results. This must not stand.

Tinubu can resign and finally do one honorable thing in his crime-spree life and maybe avoid prosecution yet again for sparing the nation any further ordeal. Or he may cling to power and risk igniting the African spring sweeping through the subregion in Nigeria as well.

Beyond the credibility crisis is his crisis of confidence and moral bankruptcy. The US has known for years of his history as a drug lord and a fraud especially as confirmed by FBI legal attaché Jennifer Dent, who investigated his CSU claims. The question is how was this used to compromise Tinubu?

Like Ernest Shonekan,  who served briefly as interim Nigerian  head of state in 1993, Tinubu can now leave having tasted power legally or illegally. You can look it up. In August 1993, President Ibrahim Babangida resigned from office, following the annulment of the 12 June elections. He signed a decree establishing the Interim National Government led by Chief Shonekan who was subsequently sworn-in as head of state.[9]

Game over!


Emmanuel Ogebe, Esq, is a prominent US-based international human rights lawyer and Nigerian pro-democracy advocate with the US Nigeria Law Group in Washington. 

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