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SECURITY ALERT: Mbar, Bokkos Local Government Area, Plateau State

Security Alert: Threat of attack and takeover in Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria led by terrorist kingpin Suleiman Burti, according to sources.
February 16, 2024
Location: Mbar, Bokkos Local Government Area, Plateau State
Subject: Threat of Attack and Takeover in Bokkos Local Government Area, Plateau State

Description: TruthNigeria has uncovered a grave threat to security in the west of Bokkos Local Government Area, Plateau State.

Terrorists have resolved to execute a coordinated attack with the aim of destroying and taking over villages displaced in the aforementioned area.

The operation is expected to be led by a notorious terrorist kingpin, identified as Suleiman Burti, who is currently residing in an annexed community known as Josho (formerly Farandong Hai) within the Daffo district of Bokkos.

The targeted communities include Yelwa Nono and the surrounding areas in the Mbar district.

The primary objective of this operation is to demolish all unoccupied houses in the displaced areas, paving the way for subsequent occupation in advance of the establishment of a military base, which is being contemplated by President Bola Tinubu, according to media reports.

Furthermore, the meeting participants also resolved to advocate for the removal of army commanders deemed as obstacles to the expansionist agenda of the Fulani in Plateau State.

Additionally, they expressed intentions to pursue the reclaiming of the House of Representatives seat for the Jos North/Bassa constituency, which they assert is traditionally owned by their members.

Action Required:

1.      Heightened vigilance and surveillance are advised in the affected areas, particularly in Yelwa Nono and its environs.

2.      Prompt dissemination of this information to relevant security agencies and local authorities for immediate action and intervention.

3.      Implementation of proactive measures to safeguard vulnerable communities and prevent any potential attacks or takeovers.

4.      Coordination of efforts between security forces, community leaders, and residents to ensure swift response and effective countermeasures against any threat posed by the Fulani leaders’ resolution.

Please treat this alert with utmost seriousness and take necessary precautions to protect lives and property in the affected areas.

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