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Truth to Power: Attack on Gonin Gora Community in Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria

Gonin Gora, a Precinct in Chikun County of Kaduna State, North Werst Nigeria came under heavy attack on Wednesday night from about 2300hrs (11PM) to about 0300hrs (3AM) on Thursday morning in what seem another in the series of ongoing Fulani Terrorist attacks and abduction on communities in Middle Belt and Northern Nigeria.

The attacks which residents of New Nigeria Avenue in Gonin Gora say was the third in the past 2 months started at about a few minutes to 11 PM following a power outage. The abductions started quietly as the attackers threatened to kill anyone that raises alarm.

However, an eyewitness, Emmanuel Joseph, said his neighbor who was returning late stumbled on the attacker whom he identified as Fulanis and raised the alarm by shouting “They Are Here”! “They Are Here”!! “They Are Here”!!!, which is an alarm mechanism among them to alert community members that the Fulani Terrorist are on attack.

Emmanuel Joseph, recounting his experience said we woke up to the sound of heavy gunshots after his neighbor raised the alarm of Fulani attack. Six members of Michael Okpane’s household were abducted on the night of the attack. Recounting his experience.

Michael Okpane said at about 11pm, he heard strange noises around his apartment. “At about 5 minutes to 11pm I heard a bang om my gate, on further observation I discovered that some people were speaking Hausa and Fulani language. I just moved into this apartment. I occupy one flat while my younger brother occupy the other one with his family.

“When I realized we are under attack, I quickly took all my children to my Kitchen and hid them inside the kitchen cabinet. I then proceeded to my brother’s apartment to alert them. But before I could do so they surrounded the house, I attempted scaling the fence through a water tanker, but the security barb wire injured me. All the 6 members of my brother’s family were kidnaped.”

Helen Great Iremiren is 8 years old. Some good Samaritans stumbled on her in a forest west of Gonin Gora. Helen said she was kidnapped along with her parents and three siblings. Truth Nigeria Reporter and those that found her had to help her locate her home where we found her uncle and aunt with other neighbors confused. They were fill with joy when the sighted Helen.

Pastor Solomon is a community leader in New Nigeria Avenue, Gonin Gora came short of blaming the government over the persistent attacks in the community. He wondered why the Security agents, especially the soldier are always slow to act, claiming that they always come late to scene of attacks. While commending the brave attempt by the community watch to repel the attacks with homemade Dane guns and single pipe guns, he recommended that since the security agents cannot be always present, the government should consider arming the youths with guns.

Pastor Solomon further said “The government should supply our youths with guns and train them on how to use it. The can bring it to them every nith at 5pm and collect them back the next morning at 7am. So that we can protect ourselves and families”.

Christopher Bello, a residence of the New Nigeria Avenue, gave us an elaborate detail of the attack. He said the attack started at about 11:45 PM. The attackers were about 60 to 70 persons. They came under the cover of the darkness’ due to the electricity power outage in the community. He said the attackers spoke in Hausa and Fulde, the language of the Fulani tribe.

He stated that this attack was the third one since 10 January 2024; The second attack was on February 10 in Ligari Road in Gonin Gora, a lecture and his wife were abducted; and this third one that happened on February 28 where about 14 persons were abducted. Pastor Solomon and other eyewitnesses believe that the electricity power outage that led to a blackout in the community was a major reason why the attackers whom they estimated to be between fifty and sixty in number successfully sneaked into the community.

More so as the attackers started withdrawing into the forest west of Gonin Gora immediately power was restored at about 2:30 am. Four community guards on the trail of the attackers were shot with two dead.

Thomas Iliya, died on the spot, not from bullet wounds but was strangled to death while the other, whose name and identity is yet to be verified, died at the hospital at about 5PM from bullet wounds. The other two are still receiving treatment at the Saint Gerald Catholic Specialist Hospital, Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria. Thomas Iliya is survived by aged parents, a wife and two children, namely Luis is 8 years old and Wisdom is 1 year 6 months. He was buried on March 1, 2024 in the community cemetery.

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