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Urgent Security Alert: Towns south of Jos face attacks tonight

TruthNigeria has received intelligence indicating an imminent threat from Islamic terrorists, purportedly of Fulani descent, south of Jos.

The armed assaults may target areas of Kwatas, Butura Kampani and Kunet, situated near the Plateau State University Bokkos.

Earlier today, a tragic incident occurred wherein one individual lost their life, and another sustained critical injuries during daylight assaults in the aforementioned villages. The assailants, accompanied by sizable herds of cattle, carried out these attacks. In Kwatas, a young farmer was brutally murdered around 8 a.m., followed by an assault on travelers in Kunet two hours later, resulting in at least one injury.

Swift response from law enforcement, including the Police and the army, managed to deter the assailants temporarily. However, they have regrouped in a Fulani settlement located 2 miles south of the Plateau State University, bolstered by reinforcements, indicating preparations for a larger-scale invasion of the targeted communities and their environs.

Residents in the affected areas are urged to exercise extreme caution and remain vigilant. Enhanced security measures are being implemented, but community cooperation and reporting any suspicious activities are crucial for preventing further violence. Authorities are actively engaged in addressing this grave threat to ensure the safety and security of all citizens. Stay informed and stay safe.

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