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Clash Over Kaduna Mining Sites: Notorious Bandit-Terrorist Mudi Killed Alongside Son

Violence erupted in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna State, recently as rival armed groups clashed for control of lucrative mining sites, according to credible intelligence sources obtained by PRNigeria.  The brutal battle pitted the terror group, Jammatu Ansarul Musulmin Biladis Sunna (Ansaru), against the gang led by the late notorious bandit-terrorist, Dogo Gide, who died March 12

The fight resulted in multiple casualties, including prominent figures on both sides. Among the dead were wanted terrorist leader Mudi and his son, Murtala, who were affiliated with Dogo Gide’s gang. Reports also indicate that Dogo Gide’s forces suffered significant losses, including close associates and family members.

Sources claim the core motive behind the violence is the fierce competition for dominance over the region’s gold-mining sites. Birnin Gwari has become a hotspot for such activity, attracting both criminal gangs and terrorist organizations seeking to exploit the valuable resources.

“There are several gold-mining sites in Birnin Gwari. Most mined products are smuggled outside Nigeria into Niger, which implies a strong connection with criminal elements in the Republic of Niger,” a source told PRNigeria.

The fight exposes a potential power struggle between established criminal groups and extremist organizations vying for control of the region’s resources.

The source revealed that there might be more clashes between rival gangs in the coming days. “The recent clash draws attention towards more rivalry attacks in days ahead considering the encroachment of JAS [a surviving faction of the original Boko Haram insurgency] and ISWAP [Islamic State of West Africa] elements in the Northwest,” he said.

Editorial Note about labels:  TruthNigeria has labelled Gide a “bandit-terrorist” because of his group’s open identification with the Islamist ideals of Ansaru and with Boko Haram.  However, Gide’s gang fought pitched battles with Ansaru in 2022 over control of towns in Western Kaduna State, ultimately prevailing. The U.S Department of Defense distinguishes Nigerian bandit gangs from Nigerian insurgencies such as ISWAP or Ansasru.

Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.

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