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 Nigerian Army Busts ISWAP Bakery in Borno Raid

In a weekend raid against the terror group ISWAP (Islamic State of West Africa Province), Nigerian forces discovered and destroyed a bakery believed to be a source of funding for the militants.

The operation, conducted on April 21 by a combined unit including special forces and civilian volunteers, targeted the village of Maisani within Borno State’s troubled Timbuktu Triangle. Security analyst Zagazola Makama, citing intelligence sources, confirmed that the bakery belonged to ISWAP.

Troops seized generators, a baking machine, and various supplies after destroying the facility. The bakery’s location in a known insurgent stronghold suggests it played a role in financing the group’s activities.

While the Nigerian military has seen recent success against Boko Haram and ISWAP, this raid highlights the ongoing fight against the insurgency in northeast Nigeria.

Ezinwanne Onwuka reports for TruthNigeria from Abuja.

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