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Remembering Deborah Emmanuel

And the Ordeal of the Recently Released Kidnapped Victims.

“The second anniversary of the blasphemy murder of Deborah Emmanuel (Yakubu) in Sokoto (May 12, 2022) is a teaching moment for Nigeria – and the world.” – Truth Nigeria Report

Truth To Power opens with a tribute to Deborah Emmanuel as we remember Midday May 12, 2022, …Deborah’s relatives watched the jihadist mob surround the campus gatehouse where Deborah and her cousin sheltered for the last hours of her life. They tell TruthNigeria that some of her fellow students were jealous of her outstanding abilities in mathematics.
Also on this Episode we shall be looking at life after kidnap with special focus on recently released Gonin Gora, Kaduna Kidnap victims.

Barry Adakole and Tajudeen Ademola are close friends and residents of Gonin Gora, a suburb in the outskirt of Kaduna metropolis in Chikun County.

They were recently released after spending 37 day in the den of notorious kidnappers in Sabon Sara, a large village inter-spaced with other smaller hamlets in Giwa County, Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria.

On March 1, 2024, both Barry Adakole and Tajudeen Ademola had gone to deliver the ransom money of N8 million Naira (US$6,666 dollars) for the release of Barry’s wife and two sons who had been kidnaped on February 10, 2024 from the residence of Barry Adakole in Gonin Gora.

The duo was however also kidnapped after they delivered the ransom at a remote forest 35 miles Northwest of Kaduna.

Truth To Power had this chat with the duo, days after they were released. Our first interview is with Barry Adakole, a civil servant, whose wife and two sons were kidnapped at his residence on the 10 of February.
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