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Security Alert for Irigwe Chiefdom in Bassa County

Impending Attack Near Jos, Nigeria
June 22nd, 2024
2:51pm [GMT]

TruthNigeria has received information regarding an impending threat of attack in communities 10-15miles west of Jos, the capital of Plateau state. This comes as terrorists reportedly attacked and killed two Christian residents in the same area located in the Bassa Local Government Area [or county in America] and one other, 40miles away on June 21.

The area targeted for the planned attack is dominated by the majority Christian Irigwe ethnicity.

The terrorists belonging to the herding clans of the majority Muslim Fulani ethnicity might be specifically targeting to launch attacks on AririMaiyanga, and surrounding villages. 

TruthNigeria learned that a late evening attack near Ariri killed two residents in a village called Kperenke on June 21. At about the same time at approximately 9pm local time, one Christian was killed in the Butura Kampani village of Bokkos, approximately 42 miles south of Jos. 

The impending attack is expected to occur any moment from tonight. It is crucial to take immediate action to ensure the safety of the affected villages and residents. 

Action Required:

 It is imperative to alert every village in the Irigwe Chiefdom and surrounding areas about the potential threat. Additionally, it is strongly advised that late hours movement be stopped to minimize the risk to the local population. 

 This is a critical situation that requires swift and coordinated efforts to ensure the safety and security of the communities at risk. Please take all necessary precautions and remain vigilant. For further updates and guidance, please stay tuned to local authorities and reliable sources of information. Stay safe and take care.

10:00 am EDT June 22, 2024
Armed Fulani from Mahanga  (30 miles south of Jos) and other terrorist bases are mobilizing to attack Irigwe Chiefdom in Bassa County tonight or tomorrow. 

Villages earmarked include, Ariri, Maiyanga & others.  Please, alert every village, and late hours movement be stopped.

Take note of the exact time Military is called to an incident, and the time of their arrival! Testimonies and eye-witness accounts will be covered by

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