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Terrorists Run Riot In Zamfara State, kidnap Former Law Maker

By  Segun Onibiyo

[Kaduna]  The mind-numbing chaos in Zamfara state Northwest Nigeria exploded again on  Oct. 28 when terrorists defied all efforts by the Nigerian Government by kidnapping and killing of residents.

Terrorists in a lightening raid kidnapped a local chief and five other residents of Bukuyum county in Zamfara.

Villagers and eyewitnesses said that the bandits, riding motorcycles, entered the community on Saturday night and began shooting indiscriminately, causing residents to flee for safety.

As of the time of filing of this report, local police have not issued a statement about the abduction.

A resident of Bukkuyum town, Ilyasu Abubakar, explained that when the gunmen entered the community, residents went into hiding as they knew the terrorists were there for abduction.

He further explained that the district head of the community, Alhaji Magaji Makau, and five other notable individuals were abducted during the house-to-house search conducted by the bandits.

Additionally, the bandits also stole an unspecified number of livestock owned by the community’s residents.

“The bandits entered the town on 28th October, on a Saturday night and began shooting randomly, prompting people to hide due to the fear of being kidnapped,” the resident explained.

“They seized the district head and five other individuals from the community, and several livestock were also stolen.”

In a related development, a retired government official and a former legislator, Kabiru Yahaya was seriously injured when another group of terrorists believed to be members of the Bello Turji gang laid a siege on the Kucheri Magazu highway in Tsafe 

above: Bandit Kingpin Bello Turji at a gang parley in 2022. photo by Mike Odeh James.


The terrorists numbering more than twenty according to eyewitnesses also killed several travelers while kidnapping unspecified number of travelers as well.

The state of Insecurity in Zamfara and the Northwest cannot be easily solved except by the government introducing stricter security measures to counter the terrorists.

Said a retired military officer, Major Umar Bakori to TruthNigeria.

He said, “first and foremost, Nigeria need more Security personnel, it needs to employ more men into the Army, the Airforce, the Police Force and Nigeria Civil Defence to combat insecurity in the area.”

The Federal Government should also mobilize the populace against the terrorist via enlightenment campaigns and creation of well-armed local vigilante groups, according to Bakori.

“Furthermore, the Nigerian Government should punish military officers under whose command the terrorists enjoy free reign of operation,” he added.

TruthNigeria contacted the Zamfara State Police Force Public Relations Officer through phone, but he did not respond.

Several persons were killed, and others abducted yesterday afternoon when terrorists attacked motorists on the Funtua-Gusau Highway in Zamfara

“The terrorists timed the arrival of vehicles to and from Gusau and started to shoot indiscriminately which led to the blockage of the road,” he said.

He said his boss was the only one taken to Tsafe General Hospital alive.

“No one knows the number of those killed or abducted. They abducted all the passengers in the first vehicle,” Aliyu said.

He said his principal had been transferred to another health facility in the state capital, Gusau.

Segun Onibiyo covers terrorism for TruthNigeria from Kaduna.

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